Question Internet in my entire household goes out when i connect my desktop ?

Feb 27, 2021
UPDATE: It appears that any device I have connected through this ethernet cable causes this issue.

My internet has been fine all day and then all of the sudden it just randomly started going offline. It would come back online after around 5-10 minutes of waiting but only for a short 15-30 seconds before going offline again for another 5-10 minutes. I tried the classic and restarted my modem which upon coming online again gave my desktop internet for 15-30 seconds before going right back to being offline for 5-10 minutes (my desktop is connected directly to the modem via ethernet.

To be clear it would go offline for my entire household, not just my desktop. The interesting part of all of this is I came to find out that when my Desktop was powered off or just had the ethernet unplugged, my internet would remain online and no other devices would have any issues. When the internet initially went out I was simply just programming so I wasn't even using much bandwidth on my desktop. I wasn't altering any network settings nor did I download any network related things at all today. Anyone got any ideas as to what could be going on? Not sure if there's any Trojans or Viruses that could be potentially causing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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