Internet randomly dropping connection


Oct 25, 2014
Whenever I'm using Skype, Playing a game, etc. I will get randomly disconnected from the internet and lose connection to my Skype call and the game that I am playing (Preventing me from playing CS:GO lol) It will instantly come back online right after I get disconnected from everything and rejoin the Skype call and I will have to rejoin the game server. This started happening recently and I have been trying everything to fix it (Reinstalled drivers, Changed ethernet cables, Unplugged everything for an entire night, etc.) I just really need this to be fixed It's impossible to talk to friends or play a game without annoying disconnects. Any help is appreciated.
I have to ask what your broadband connection is.
Meaning is it a fiber optic broadband.
Or the ADSL 2 type down a telephone line.

If it`s fiber optic, and you rent the box off the ISP eg. (Virgin Media in the Uk)
Then from time to time During the wee hours of the mornings the ISP rotates your Ip of your broadband router to access the internet. They do this about once every month.

As well as that they also roll out across the Network firmware updates for the broadband modem and router you have.
When they do this the settings inside the router can change or an option may be added, enabled, or disabled depending on the updated firmware software of your router.

This can often lead to a lot of head Scratching for the average home user or subscriber to the ISP they are under or signed up to.

You should log into your router if you know the process of doing it. and check that none of the settings have changed.
For example Virgin Media about three months ago updated the firmware of the super hub modem and router boxes provided by them doing the update from there end rolling out the new router firmware at 3am in the morning.

They added a feature in the new firmware that was a tick box for an extra feature.
ALG found in the firewall section of the firmware of the super hub modem router.

By default they set it to enabled.
But the result was it started to block and drop the internet connections of some users, with types of software that were running on there computer that was not compatible with the option enabled in the router.

If you un tick that option in the firewall settings page, setting it to disabled the slow internet speeds ceased and the constant resetting of the internet connection. It was a protocol for Voip networking. but had an adverse effect when set to enabled in the router firmware to other programs, and the stability of the internet connection.

So if you are on Virgin media in the Uk please disable this option found in the fire wall page of the routers firmware by logging in to your VM router.

Not every part of the Virgin media network get`s the update at the same time as the rest of the ISP network.
It`s depending on the area you live in, when the updates are sent what day or month for different parts of the network.

So check your router and it`s settings have not changed due to an upgrade in the routers firmware revision number applied by VM at there end as a service upgrade of equipment.
If your problem started a few days ago or a matter of weeks.