[SOLVED] IO shield problems worrying about shorting my motherboard o ruining the ports

Dec 1, 2019
I recently got the NZXT h510 case and ive put everything in except the ssd and the gpu

but im concerned about the io shield before i turn it on after i put in the gpu and the ssd

i have a MSI B450 tomohawk and the io shield it came with has metal tabs sticking out going into the case and touching the motherboards pots that slide into the io shield after i put the io shield into the nzxt h510
it has little tabs specifically on the usb and ethernet ports do i leave those as is in front of the ports , do i bend them to go inside the usb and ethernet ports or do i bend them to be on top of the ports that are on the b450 tomohawk
this is my first build and one that i bought the parts myself and built with some help i just want to make sure i dont ruin the motherboard and everything else on it