Question is 1tb enough

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If he really only has a few games installed and doesn't care about having many more, I don't see much point in paying $120+ extra for a 2TB drive that will only be around 25% filled. Warzone is currently one of the largest games at a couple-hundred gigabytes, but Fortnite was recently reduced to less than 30GB. Between Windows, applications and perhaps another couple games, the drive would probably only be around 500GB filled. Unless he currently has plans to make use of 2GB of fast storage, it might make more sense to pay half as much for the 1TB version of the drive. One can always add a second drive later if they find they need more storage, and chances are that SSD storage will likely continue to drop in price over time.


Nov 16, 2020
Ok so from overall what I’m understanding the extra read and write time on the 980 pro won’t make a difference for a streamer / gamer


Mar 16, 2013
Dang that’s crazy you would think since one of the newer gen it would be a lot faster
We're chasing diminishing returns.
Let's assume a 15% difference.
0.95 sec or 0.8 sec. Can YOU tell the difference?

Also, there are many other things going on, besides the raw published speed of the drive. CPU/RAM/GPU....they also have a say in performance.

This is like deciding between 2 cars.
1 with a 160mph, on paper, top speed.
The other with a 170mph , on paper, top speed.

But you're going to use it for going to school and the store.

Now...if you took them to the track regularly, it might make a purchasing difference.


Just to add my 2¢, the Western Digital SN750 NVMe is also a good choice for speed and usually a little cheaper than the Samsung equivalent.

However, as others have said, half a second here and there is all you'll be saving, in extreme examples.


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