Is 4:3 gaming still alive?


Jan 11, 2011
Hello, Im a bit out of touch with gaming, last game I bought was TW:Medieval II a couple of years ago. That is optimal at 1024x768 res. However, people are always talking about widescreen gaming now.

So, Im wondering where things are now and where things are headed. Do new games still support the old classic 4:3 resolution of 1024x768? or just widescreen? Or both? DOes is depend on genre?

If a game is widescreen, does it support lower resolutions like
1366×768 and 1600x900? And do games ever support 16:10 res??

If you can answer any of these questions would be grateful, thanks!
wide screen has been the standard for the last 3 or so years as older screens die new 1s are replacing them and more often than not there 1080p... so yeah low rez gaming is on its way out as most cards now come with 1 gig minimum which is enough for a 1080 display. even if you dont game 1920/1080 is a better standard for browsing and movies.


Dec 8, 2011

Bunch of horse-*** (No offense intended).

Every game supports the usual resolutions (800X600, 1024X768, 1024X1280, 1600X900, etc.), and if they don't, nine times out of ten they'll have a .ini config that will allow you to set the resolution.

4:3 is as dead as 2.1 speaker systems. People use it all the time.

try buying a 4:3 monitor there aint many being made or sold so keep your hoarse *** to yourself till you do some research and find out the facts... btw only 2 of the rez you listed are actualy 4:3, 5:4 is actually more common on pc's 800/600 4:3, 1280/1024 5:4, 1600/900 16:9, 1024/768 4:3 like i said 4:3 is dieing because i dont know many people or companies in the first world that still use such small monitors.

yes games still use 640/480 and all the other 4:3 5:4 16:9 and 16:10 rez but the most popular is 16:9 720p-1080p thats a fact... consoles generally use widescreen and are mostly responcable for the shift over to HD as a standard, as do movies.
in the uk there has been a surge in widescreen sales over the last 6 years and is the predominant screen ratio.
so like i say check yourself b4 you try to contradict as you make yourself look foolish otherwise... :p

Alive but on Life Support, Disability, and collecting Social Security. :)

You can force any resolution you want in most games. But everything is designed with the intention of utilizing a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio these days. Even broadcast television is required to transmit that way these days.

I do believe you misread what he wrote. He's not saying that people don't use 4:3. What he is saying is that anyone buying a new monitor is shifting to 16:9 or 16:10 (more so 16:9). He is right in that it is very difficult to find 4:3 monitors for sale. It's been a few years since 4:3 monitors were sold mainstream. So, those who have old monitors are still using 4:3, but anyone buying a new monitor is getting 16:9 the majority of the time.