Question Is an SMR drive (external USB 3.0) OK for backup (Time Machine on Mac)?

Apr 30, 2021
I'm looking for a suitable external 2.5" (USB bus-driven) backup drive to be used as a Time Machine backup (automatic hourly backups) for a Mac Mini. The Mac's internal drive is 2 TB so I'm thinking the backup drive needs to be larger than that. 3 TB or more should suffice.

Having read many warnings about SMR ("shingled") hard drives and the dilemma that 2.5" hard drives above 2 TB are all SMR types I'm wondering if this is a fact (and if not -which specific external 2.5" bus driven USB drives have regular (CMR) drives inside?), and if SMR drives really are unsuitable for even backup purposes?
I've been considering a 4 TB or 5 TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable which appears to be an SMR drive, and according to Seagate's "which drive has what?" page it's a Barracuda. Seagate's 2.5" drives are apparently all SMR.
Is this drive worth getting for said purpose or are there others which would work better?
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