Question Is it MOBO or what? My RAMs r dying?

Dec 24, 2020
Hey everyone,
Ryzen 3900x
MSI Gaming Plus Max x470
16x2 (Now 1, i sent one of them to warranty) Corsair 16gb 3000mhz RAM
TX 850 Corsair PSU
External UPS
Rog Strix 2070
Everything started 6 months ago. I bought Ryzen 3900x and changed my mobo to Gaming Plus x470.
After that my 2x8bg rams are died at same time. I couldnt understand whats the problem at the beggining. I was getting MEMORY MANAGEMENT BSOD. I tried to test RAMS with Windows ram test and Memtest but it showed okey. Then i tried switching all compenents and found RAMs are guilty.
Then i changed my rams to 1 piece 16gb Corsair 3000mhz Ram. Every problem was solved. Then i upgraded to 2 rams (same) 3 weeks ago. I used them without any problems until 3 days ago.
I started getting BSOD (mostly memory management) again. So i test rams one by one and test results are okey. I tried to stress test and found guilty ram. So i have couple questions now.
  1. How can i be sure that MY ram is faulty? Im asking this because test results show OK.
  2. If its RAM related BSOD, is it possible to getting problem after i bought 3 weeks? Its new. Also my old 2 rams were broken too in same way and at SAME TIME. Is it possible? If yes,
  3. Whats killing my RAM? Electricity? (im using UPS), XMP mode?, rendering and using too much? (i know its silly idea) or MOBO?
  4. Maybe something else caused these BSOD but i cant read dump file. Can anyone help me about it?
I tried chkdsk, fresh OS in different disks, BIOS update, different MOBO.

Sorry for my bad English.

My dump files:
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