Is it possible for me to run an Nvidia and Amd Videocard at the same time?


Nov 29, 2013
Is it possible for me to run a Nvidia gt 630 4g and a new r9 270x AMD videocard at the same time. I don't want to crossfire or anything. I just want one videocard for youtube and the other for Gaming.
P.S I dont want to swap them everytime, since I tend to be gaming while my girlfriend watches youtube.


Nov 22, 2013
no unfortunately you can only have one type of video card in at one time unless you were doing sli/crossfire which then it has to be same spec amd/amd or nvidia/nvidia you cant have both amd and nvidia together
1. You don't need a graphics card just to watch YouTube.

2. I think you're trying to turn your computer into two, with your girlfriend actively watching YouTube while you play games undisturbed. If you plug in a second set of keyboard and mouse for your girlfriend and she does so much as move the cursor or type something, it's going to do the same thing in your games.