Question Is it possible to add VESA support to thin monitors with thick bottoms?


I am looking at getting two monitors to replace my current old chunky ones.

Now I basically have a couple of choices, I can go with what I've already found, that saves me a little bit of money, and has what I would deem thin enough case bezels around the display for my needs, however, I am willing to spend a little more for even thinner bezels.

But the problem I run into is that the affordable options out there don't support VESA, and also unfortunately have this dumb design where they are super thin and only get thick at the base making it difficult to simply buy one of those adapters that grab onto the monitor top and bottom from behind.

So is there a cheap and viable way to add VESA support to these types of monitors?

An example of this type of monitor can be seen in this image
(click the thumbnail to get a bigger version)

as well as the VESA adapters I am talking about.

From these images, you can see how such adapters wouldn't work all too well with this type of monitor due to the fact that back of the monitor isn't the same thickness making it symmetrical and even, and is instead only thick at the bottom and super thin above that.

So what solutions would I be looking at for this kind of monitor or are there not any?


Depends on the model in question, but I know acer monitors follow suit:
I see.
So it's a mounting plate that hooks into the part where normally the base would.

But that part is a bit pricey.
And if buying two of them would be quite a bit.

Unless there's a super cheap version of something like this out there for say this Acer monitor

I might be better off just buying two of these monitors instead and deal with the slightly thicker casing around the panel.

The reason I'm looking into either VA or IPS and higher screen to body ratio is because I will be using these two monitors on either side of my main monitor in vertical mode, and I would like them to be as close to my main monitors screen as possible but without breaking the bank with super expensive monitors.

And right now I have two basic monitors that are TN that look bad when turned 90 degrees and have super thick chunky casing around the screen.
What is the make/model of the monitors you have and/or want to use?
They may have a vesa mount set of holes.
Do you want a desk clamp mount, stand mount or wall mount?
A wall mount really clears up desk space, but good ones can be expensive.


Feb 1, 2017
It is possible with the currently available universal adapters, although the method is a little unconventional. Place a block between the top-back of the monitor and each of the adapter's upper arms to make up for the lack of thickness in that area. With those in place, the adapter will be able to secure to both the top and bottom of the monitor.