Question Is it possible to prevent CPU bottlenecking while absolutely pushing for extremely high FPS?

Aug 9, 2020
Current rig: Ryzen 3600, Rx 5700xt, 16gb ddr4 3200mhzCl16

My friends keep telling me I don't need a 2080ti for 144hz games like Modern Warfare to which I agree because my 5700xt gets me pretty close to that target even though I wish it was higher.

As the title asks is it possible to not bottleneck your CPU even if theoretically. I don't understand why current high-end CPUs haven't caught up with current GPUs even lower end GPUs frame instructions. From what I understand CPU bottleneck occurs when the GPU is sending too many instructions for the CPU to keep up. So why has there never been a workaround this?

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Bottlenecks occur in EVERY system, and that bottleneck moves based on what you are doing, bottlenecks are completely application dependant.

You're right about the example you use, however in it's simplest form, a bottleneck is nothing more than the weakest link in your chain. Very simply put - If your GPU is more capable than your CPU, your CPU will bottleneck, if your CPU is more capable than your GPU, then your GPU will bottleneck.

If your CPU is a bottleneck, it's basically that your CPU is at full load and can't do anything more, whilst the GPU is not reaching full potential. So bottlenecks are completely natural and every system has one.

This bottleneck is completely dependant on the application and manner that you are running it, so monitor refresh rate AND resolution is equally as important.

So really the only way you'd "workaround" it in that sense, is by limiting your component usage, which is the same as not allowing the computer to fulfill its full capabilities. The best way o achieve high FPS is to allow your components to use the power they have dedicated to your task.

To stop visual issues due to bottlenecks you can do things such as FPS limits, FreeSync, G-Sync, getting a monitor that is reflective of your CPU and GPU capabilities etc.
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