Question Is it possible to use Virgin Hub 3.0 as a wireless adapter for my desktop if I'm now with BT?


Apr 9, 2014
So this is a weird one and I don't really know how to word it properly but I'll give it a go.

We just moved house and are now with BT(Previously with Virgin) and I don't have a wireless adapter for my PC as I had wired connection previously. I have my Virgin 3.0 hub here and was wondering if it was possible to use it as a 'wireless adapter' for my PC by maybe tricking it into thinking it is a WiFi extender? I know it's a longshot but if it saves me buying an actual adapter, I'm all for it. Any thoughts?
It would need a feature called "client-bridge". This allows it to act as a end device and connect to the router ie "server" . Some routers do not call it that but almost all that can do this have some form of repeater or extender mode. Since these boxes tend to be very basic devices I doubt it has the correct mode and I doubt you can load third party firmware on it. I did not even both to look for the manual this time after trying to find superhub stuff once before. Look though the wireless mode. Many have AP mode and the other option should be on that panel if it has it.