Question Is it safe to use electrical tape to block leds?

Feb 9, 2019
I got my new ROG Strix RTX 2060 OC the other day, and the power leds (small white ones around the PCIe) are driving me nuts. They light up the whole room when I'm trying to sleep and they are so ridiculously bright that they take all attention away from the rest of the build when it's on.

I've tried turning on the ErP Ready function to S4+S5 and just S5, and that doesn't disable them either. It disables all other system leds and the red led on my microphone, which is nice. But the GPU power leds remain on.

So naturally, I go to google and people are saying that it IS safe to use black electrical tape on components that don't get too hot (160+ C), however I'm still kind of worried that the leds plus the GPU's heat itself will melt the tape when it's covering the leds due to the heat not being able to escape.

So that's why I've come here. Is it safe, and is there another method the internet is hiding from me that's better?

Thanks in advance!

Specs. No idea if these are useful in any way but here they are:

GPU: ROG Strix RTX 2060 Gaming OC

CPU: i7-6700k

MOBO: Asus z170-K

PSU: Not sure, I don't remember and I can't see any name on it (without unplugging the whole thing at least). But I believe it's a 750w PSU from EVGA.