Question Is my 500w psu can handle an super rtx 2060


Aug 31, 2018
i’ve got a coolermaster 500w psu from a few years ago, in fine condition, can it handle an SUPER RTX 2060 that requires “Recommended 550W PSU” ? It says it needs 2 power inputs, 6 and 8 pin,
Or should I go with the cheaper asus rtx 2060 that has lower speed but has only 1 8pin connection and requires 550W too?

I dont want my pc to explode lol, I’m not running any 4k games but I do have 2 1080p monitors.
My cpu is i7 8700k on turbo mode (4.7ghz)
4 hard drives, 4 fans


CM Master watt LITE.... Basically a psu designed as an OEM replacement in an office type pc. Not by any stretch of the imagination even closely related to a gaming psu.

You have flip-flops. Fine if going to the beach, hanging out by the pool, used in the shower etc.

Not something you'd be able to wear on a construction site, or in a commercial kitchen. They'd last 20 seconds before falling apart. As the Boss, just chilling, fine, but the person actually doing the work? Yeah no, that's not gonna fly for long.

And that's your psu. Flip-flops. And you need Boots. Gaming psus are designed and built to take a beating, that gpu isn't going to pull nice, easy power. It's gonna slam the psu multiple times a second for high amperage draws.

I'd suggest (rather strongly) a good 'quality' gaming psu, 550w - 650w. And do it before you decide to rip the thong out of your flip-flops, and end up with stubbed and bleeding toes.


I wouldn't even use that power supply in a minimalist mom and pop browsing machine, much less with a very nice, expensive graphics card like that. Get a new one with much better quality. 550-650w should be good since these are the same power structure as the RTX 2070 cards and those come with a recommendation for a 500w unit but having a little extra headroom to accomodate spikes and to help the unit run cooler and quieter is never a bad thing.

Given the HORRIFICALLY bad performance of the 600w model of that PSU, we can pretty reasonably assume that the 500w model is just as bad, or worse, and should probably not be used for much more than a doorstop, if you don't mind anybody seeing that you actually owned one of these. No offense, but better to know than to not know.