Question Is my cpu bottlenecking?

Oct 16, 2018
My config is i5-7500, gtx 1070ti with 8gb ddr4, windows 10. Serious issue in assassin creed origin. Sometimes it gets down to 40fps. Cpu hits 100% usage in all cores while gpu is just 66%. Is it all just beacuse of my cpu? Or is it another issue I should care about? My motherboad is asus h110m-k. As per as I know mobo is not concern here or because of low spec mobo I'm missing out some of my cpu or gpu performance? I'm really confused!!


You are running on minimums.
It's an i5, you aren't going to be able to push 8 thread optimized games too hard.
You have 8Gb of ram,
You have ACO which is pathetically optimized for a game.
Between the 3, you can expect lousy fps.

ACO on an i7-8700k, 16Gb with a 1070ti is pulling mid 70's average. So figure it's going to sometimes pull in the 50's or 90's.

The cpu isn't bottlenecking the gpu, the reality is the game code is bottlenecking the cpu. You could set graphics details to very high and not really change much, but adjusting nvcp global settings, pre-rendered frames to 1 might. Also get rid of / disable Xbox DVR and the windows game Helper.
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