Question Is my GPU abnormally large? Fits my ATX mobo, but the GPU width exceeds new case width by 0.03"...

Dan Dread

Nov 10, 2014
My GPU is an Asus GeForce GTX 1070. The dimensions are 11.73" x 5.28" x 1.57" according to the manual.
I'm getting a new PC case and I found the perfect one, SilverStone Technology Home Theater Computer Case (HTPC) with Faux Aluminum Design for ATX/Micro-ATX Motherboards (SST-GD09B-USA) for $104.99. It's exactly the style I want - horizontal, no lights, no window, etc.

The case says it's for ATX motherboards, so it's considered a "mid-tower" case, right?

On the specs on their site, it says it supports expansion cards up to 12.2", and a width up to 5.25".
That's right, my GPU is 0.03" too wide...

I can't find another case just like that one but a bit bigger. And it's only off by 0.03"...

I was thinking of buying it and trying it anyway? Do you think the 5.25" was just a recommendation for... better airflow or something?

Is the case especially small, or my GPU especially large?
Can anyone recommend a similar case? I've looked everywhere... Every other Silverstone I saw has the same 5.25" limit...