Question Is my GPU dying?

Mar 16, 2020
Hello and thanks for clicking on my post.

So, as the title says, i am wondering if my GPU is dying. To clarify, let me give you some examples.
When i play games such as Oldschool Runescape and WoW Classic, it's all fine and dandy. I can play for hours upon hours. But when i switch to more graphic intense games, like retail WoW or CSGO for example my pc will shut itself off compeltely after a short amount of time and then it boots up again by itself.

Temperatures seem fine, usually around 40 - 60 Celsius. If it's not my GPU, could it be my powersupply?
Temps on CPU are also fine, between 40 - 60 there aswell.

GPU: Nvidia 970gtx.
PSU: 750w.
CPU: intel i5.
Im am in no way shape or form a computer expert, so if you need more info ill do my best to supply you with it.

Thanks for reading and for any potential help!
Mar 29, 2020
Hey brother, sounds like it could be either one. I know this seems counter intuitive but try to load the card on a benchmark program to really put it to the test (HEAVEN by unigine is fairly popular) and if you notice artifacts (the screen looks <Mod Edit>ed up) or its constantly flickering black or you see 'glitches' going horizontally across the screen throughout the test, it's probably the card
The PSU going bad could be the issue, when my PSU went bad I would get a BSOD(blue screen of death) however, it would not typically just shut off without some 0x code, but this was back on Windows 7.
Your PSU is more than capable with 750w, what brand is it? It is super dusty? De-dusting PC components is critical to optimal performance and longevity of said hardware.

IF you have a fully modular PSU it is a bit of a bitch, but you could in theory order a copy of the same PSU on amazon, one that has returns of course, and swap it in place of your current one. Technically you are not supposed to do this, as each PSU is bound to its cables through a blood covenant (honestly that's only between different brands or models but I don't want to say theres absolutely no risk just in case you do try this out) but if you run it for a single cycle to determine your issue, I don't think you would hurt your equipment. If you don't have any crashes after 24 hours of intense playing, it was the PSU, if not it was obviously the other issue; GPU.

At that point I just tell amazon this PSU didn't work and send it back for a full refund, and use that refund towards a new card. I suggest a 1080ti, they are going for $550-650 on ebay, just be sure the seller has 100% positive feedback over the last 12 months and you will be fine. Ebay is also very good about refunding for <Mod Edit> up items but I have not had any issues thus far and I've bought a 2080ti and a 1080ti SC black.
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