[SOLVED] Is my graphics card failing ?


Feb 21, 2011
Hi all,
I think my GPU is failing, or the driver is. While playing Warthunder and Battlefield 2042 (only with these two, rarely with Warthunder, almost 100% of the time with BF 2042), the game freezes and the pc is either restarting or needs a hard reboot because it does not respond to anything. In warthunder, it would just freeze on some frame. In BF2042, it would freeze on a frame and then the colors would get 16bit-ish. I've taken a log with GPU-Z of a run with BF2042, from launch to freeze, but I didn't see anything ground-breaking (maybe I don't know what to look at).

I do hear some crazy noise coming from the case on boot sometimes, and I think that might be the PSU, which led me to perform stress tests with OCCT, which were successful. Also tried 3dmark stress tests on the GPU, and all good. I could not reproduce the issue outside of BF2042 or warthunder.

CPU: Intel i9 9900K
GPU: Zotac Geforce RTX 3080 Trinity
RAM: Corsair DDR4 16GB x 2 (do not remember the model name)

Not sure what else is required, please let me know what is missing. I have uploaded the log here https://easyupload.io/ivol87 as I could not find an "attach" button unfortunately.

" I think my GPU is failing, or the driver is "

I don't think that it's either. Drivers can't "fail" like that and I doubt that a card as new as an RTX 3080 would be failing either (although it could). It could be an issue with the game as Fix_That_Glitch said.