Is my laptop compatable with windows xp?

Hello! I have recently aqquired a laptop with the following specs:
Intel Celeron N3060 2c/2t
Intel HD Graphics
2gb Micron LP DDR3
32gb Hynic emmc flash storage
Currently out of date windows 10 home.
I know this laptop is low end so it will be very slow. It is very slow on windows 10 so i want to run an older os. I have tried ubuntu but it still is pretty slow due to the cpu performing like a pentium 4 ht from 2004 in cinebench. Because of the 1004 specs i figured that this may brle fast on windows xp. I also would like an xp machine so i decided to run windows xp on this.
Will windows xp work on this laptop? Likely i cant find correct drivers since this laptop is from late 2017 but will the auto windows xp ones work? Also where can i download the trial? If it works i may purchase an actual lisence key.


Nov 19, 2013
Well theoretically you would need the Windows XP drivers from the manufacturers website, i'm not sure if Windows XP installs the basic drivers automatically as it's such an old operating system, i do remember however that when I was fixing a Asus laptop and installing Windows 7 on to it I had to get the drivers from the manufacturers website.

You could download Driver Booster or Slim Drivers and try and get the drivers that way on the laptop but you would need an ethernet driver to connect to the internet.

Or you could check on the laptop now, download the drivers (if available for windows xp) onto a USB drive and install from there.

What is the make and model of the laptop, finding this will allow us to see if there are any drivers available for Windows XP for that laptop.

You can find a <Redacted by Moderator>


Aug 5, 2016
Windows XP does not support multicore processors. You may be better off using Vista or Windows 7.

That fact that it is a laptop from 2017 makes it seem strange that it only has 2gb of memory, and that could also be the problem that is causing slow performance.

I would remove the memory to find out what it is and get another stick to match. Or even upgrade to 8Gb with a 2x4Gb kit.

If memory capacity isn't tour problem, the installed OS probably needs maintenance.

You cannot defrag an SSD, but you can perform other maintenance actions, such as erasing old files to save space.

Ensure you only have the installed programs that you need.

Ensure you don't have a bunch of programs that automatically boot upon startup and run in the background.

You should have between 52-54 processes running on average for a clean install of W10.
This laptop is more of a large netbook. All of the components including the ram chips, CPU, and storage are soldered to the motherboard with no SATA ports or sodimm slots to expand ram or storage. I have tried to slim windows 10 as much as possible to no avail. This laptop is too slow on 10. Windows fill the storage so there is no real way to cut down my storage usage. It is an ACER one cloudbook.I long to run Windows xp on a computer so i want to use this one. I doubt the manufacturer made drivers for Windows XP since the laptops cpu is a 14nm Braswell Celeron first manufactured in 15. I have found a video detailing an option to boot into a live cd of ubuntu and run a xp VM on top of that. You then set the vm to boot at startup so it effectively is a bootable xp vm stick.
The problem with this is that my main computer has an AMD ryzen cpu. What I have to do is make an XP VM within a bootable Ubuntu VM on my main pc and then copy it to a flash drive. When i try to boot the AMD64 version of Ubuntu in VirtualBox on my ryzen pc it gives me a speculative midigation error and won't boot. I keep trying but I think ubuntu doesn't like the way my cpu addresses ram, maybe do to spectre patches or something like that. How do i fix this? I may have to borrow a newer laptop with an intel cpu to create the vm



I have a similar level laptop running WIN 10.
It is slow, because it is a small slow system.

And I do not believe XP will run on it.
Ok. Time to find a legit copy of windows xp for the vm. The version he showed didnt work properly anyhow. Any time i went to click on a setting or even right click the desktop it gave me a permissions error. Just hope the cops dont clome tmorrow lol. I had a legitimate 32bit trial version of windows xp running in a vm before. This meathod of windows xp being run ontop of a bootable minux distro seems to work as a plug and play windows xp drive. I havent tried it in the laptop yet sincr i need to get rid of that iso and reinstall a legit one. Can you find me a legit key like the one i had before. I like the 32bit version for its colors.


Nov 19, 2013

I wasn't aware that the links i linked were invalid / non-legal and i'm sorry for misleading you.

I would suggest instead that you buy a disc copy with licence key of Windows XP professional off of amazon or ebay.
I may do this in the meantime since it worked as a legit trial in the past. Also the trial download comes from Microsofts website so i know its legit. The ebay disks are pretty cheap.
Well i think i fixed this 90% of the laptops problems. I have a bootable flash drive that boots into lubuntu and then immediately into a full screen windows xp VM. Windows xp is exceptionally fast with a single core or my laptops celeron and 1gb of ram. The rest is used for lubuntu in the background. If i want to browse the web securely i can reboot to windows 10 still installed on the laptops internal storage. I would like to get my usb wifi dongle working with linux however it shows up as a cd with drivers on it. It only functions as a wifi dongle when the windows only drivers are installed. I have no way to use the laptops internal wifi card since the motherboard is broken off of the motherboard.