Question Is my motherboard at fault here or something else?


Nov 29, 2015
Hello, so my problems started when my PC didnt want to load the system (error said something like "system not found"). A few restarts didnt do anything so i checked all the SSDs in cmd and the SSD with my system was missing. I assumed that mb it died. It was 4 yrs old and the only thing i used it for was storing the system and a few programs so it dying disappointed me. So i took the SSD out and installed a fresh system on a different newer SSD and that solved the problem. Or so i thought...

Today when trying to start the pc i get "error loading operating system" and after a few restarts when the system did load it was soo slow and laggy that i had to turn it off. What i did is i changed the SATA port to a port i never used before and now its working fine. Is it safe to assume here that the motherboard is dying or something? Seems unlikely that another SSD is failing and CrystalDiskInfo shows its health as "good". Could other PC parts cause this problem or mb windows? Also when i checked the SSD in cmd it showed that it has 0 mb space and 0 mb total size.

Thanks for any help.