Question Is my PSU dead?

Jul 26, 2021
I was using my pc when it shut off randomly. Trying to power it on resulted in the cpu and power supply fan spinning for half a second and nothing happening. I tried reseating the cpu and ram as well as powering on the motherboard outside the case to no avail.

I tried the paperclip test on the Power supply disconnected from everything and outside the case the fan wont spin for more than half a second. There is no eco mode either so it should be spinning. I also did this test years ago and the fan spun fine. I didnt hear any popping nor is there any burnt/weird smell coming from the pc. Is the power supply dead or am I overlooking something? I bought it in like 2016 or something. I sadly dont have a spare one lying around that i can use to test. Thanks.

PSU is EVGA 600 B1, 80+ BRONZE 600W


It does sound like the PSU is failing an internal POST.

You can unreliably test outputs by powering a system fan from the 12V, doesn't prove it is outputting 12V, just that there is enough voltage to spin a fan. You can also get some fans to fire up at 5V.

Open circuit test with a multimeter can confirm all the voltages, but not behavior under load.

You might just have to settle for trying a new power supply at this point.

Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
It is important to understand what shorting those pins on a 24 pin ATX connector really means. When circuit is closed between those pins by the motherboard it means power OK. When you do it with a paparclip, it doesn't mean the correct voltage is really delivered on the other pins, or power voltage stabilizes fast enough and close enough to ATX specification. If you're not handy with a decent mutimeter you can get one these

I would however argue EVGA 600 B1 is not a particularly good power supply combined with the fact of it being 7 years old. It may not be prudent to waste any more time or money ( on a tester) and go ahead and replace it.
Jul 26, 2021
Alright i'll try testing with another PSU. Where i live they're really overpriced so i'll have to buy one online however in the mean time i can get a cheap PSU just to see if the mobo and cpu posts.

Problem is the only PSU i can find has one 4 pin CPU connector while the mobo has two 4 pin slots. Would one 4 pin connector be fine just to see if it posts? i dont plan on using it to do anything other than some light browsing while i wait for a better psu to ship.

Motherboard is an asrock h310cm-hdv/m.2 and cpu is an i5 9600k (weird ass combo ik but i got the cpu on a good deal locally, i'll upgrade mobo eventually)

I should also mention this is the psu i can find locally

Looks like a bomb waiting to happen but should be fine just to test right?