Question Is one SSID better than two?

Jun 20, 2019

First a bit of background...

I'm currently using a BT Home Hub 4 issued by BT. It has a single SSID broadcasting both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands which seems really convenient allowing a device to connect to the strongest signal (I assume?). However, I've found that every now and again a couple of devices cannot connect to the Internet plus I can no longer seem to have my laptop and desktop communicate with each other (for transferring files, accessing shared folders etc) which has only happened since I switched to the Home Hub 4. I can therefore only assume it must be something to do with the Home Hub 4?

So... that's now leading me to think about switching back to my previous modem/router which is a Netgear D6300. Only thing is - is that the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands each broadcast their own SSID which means I would need to manually pick the strongest signal periodically on mobile, tablet, laptop etc if the Internet slows down.

Aside from convenience, are there any other advantages for keeping with Home Hub 4 or should I go back to the reliable D6300?

Thanks in advance for any advice.