Question Is something wrong with my build or should i buy it, Its pretty budget.

What is the intended usage scenario for this system? If you don't need 64GB of RAM for any specific task, I would cut back on that. For things like games, you are currently unlikely to see any performance benefit moving from 16 to 32GB, let alone 64GB. It will likely be at least a couple years before games start directly benefiting from having access to more than 16GB of RAM, and I doubt 64GB will benefit gaming performance for many years. Now, if you had something like a specific video rendering workload in mind that could potentially utilize more than 32GB, it might potentially be a reasonable option, otherwise I would put that extra $150 toward other hardware that can provide some immediate performance benefit.

Also, it should be pointed out that AMD will be launching their new 3000-series processors next week, which should offer notably improved performance over the existing models. The 6-core, 12-thread Ryzen 3600 should be launching for $200, so you should probably wait a bit and check reviews for that.

Consider the Cryorig H7 over the Hyper 212 Evo, though.
At least in the US, the Cryorig H7 hasn't been available for quite some time, at least not at any reasonable prices online. At around $30 to $40 the H7 was a good cooler. Not so much at $100 or more, which is what the limited remaining stock is being sold for. There are some other coolers around this price range that might be worth considering though, like the Hyper 212 Black, which looks and performs a little better than the 212 Evo, or others like the Arctic Freezer 33/34 Esports.
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That list is all compatable, however there are some things i would change.

What is your intended task? 64gb ram is overkill for nearly all tasks so stepping down to 16gb will have little sacrifice. If you do need 64gb, get one matched 64gb kit, not 2 32gb kits.

Also, in a week the ryzen 3000 series will launch and offer bettee performance per dollar compared to 2nd gen.

I would either use the stock cooler or upgrade to a much better air cooler like an arctic freezer 33 or noctua nh u12s.
Jul 6, 2019
64gb of ram is overkill and just make 32GB and you can save 150$ and you can save another 100 by taking away the RGB but if thats your thing keep it.