Is SWTOR any good?

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Apr 24, 2012
IS Star Wars The Old Republic worth the money? it looks like it might be a good game but am unsure wether to buy it as it cost $100 for 3 months ( $70 to buy the game and then $30 to buy 60 day time card.


Dec 7, 2011


If you enjoy RPGs it's a nice solo game. The story lines for each class are enjoyable. But like the others said, once you played all classes to 50 and maybe PvP'ed a little you're done with the game.

Think of SWTOR more like a Fallout 3, but Star Wars franchise. You play it through and that's what you pay for, not like WoW where you can keep going for years and socialize with a lot of people being around.

I can still recommend playing it, for what it is. I myself played 2 month (first month is free + one time charge) and didn't regret buying it. I had hoped for more, though (long term motivation).


Nov 17, 2011
I had high hopes for this game at first, then when I started playing the beta, I found myself quickly bored by level 20 and stopped playing. Then a few of my friends said they were going to start playing when the game retail released, so I decided to buy to to play along. I found myself yet again quickly bored by level 20-30 and pretty much stopped playing after the first month. Cancelled my subscription a week ago.


Apr 19, 2012
From personal experience i would say the same as the above posters, once 50 the game blows, you need to be in a large and active guild to have any fun, not to mention the tech support for the graphics issues blows. i had a problem with my high end rig i bought to play it on basically blowing up from their shittty coding.

Gamewise it has pretty good graphics, and the classes are fun and well thought out, PVP gets old pretty fast, and you need a good group fo friends to do the HM content, if ya have a low end PC it will not run the game very well, and it will stutter and lag alot.

I think it is a game worth trying, and it is fun leveling, but it really falls flat at 50.

Just my two cp



May 8, 2012
I understand your question given the cost of games these days and nothing is worse than spending $50+ for a crappy game.

You should ask yourself what do you expect out of a game. I would disagree with most of the above posters about SWTOR.

I have been playing since beta and have 2 lvl 50 characters. The game has improved quit a bit with bug fixes and graphical enhancements.

The reason i love the game is for the story driven content, i like Star Wars to begin with, character development is cool, and like the single player aspect of the game. I enjoy watching new MMORG's grow over time and think people are way to critical and don't understand software development processes.

What the game is not is not so far is a great PvE fest, guild content is still developing,graphics are good (looks great/better than WOW) but don't expect BF style, end game is still a work in progress, worlds are large and seem unoccupied most of the time, and there is some grinding. None of the above bother me as i really want to be left alone inside the game.

As far as the monthly fee i would prefer there wasn't one but i will never understand why people complain so much when they easily will spend $15 to go to a movie for 2 hours of entertainment or pay $100 a month to text on a smart phone. I for one love to play SWTOR after work to relax and get my $15 a month worth out of the game.

With that being said go to Youtube and watch some vids people have posted. It gives a good idea of how the game is played and the style it offers. In the end it's a personal choice.


Apr 3, 2012

I have to agree with this as well. I quit the game when the most recent patch came out, so all my comments are up until then. When I first started playing the game I was blown away. The graphics were pretty good and the full voice acting for the quests was amazing. Plus who doesn't love running around swinging a lightsaber and using the force. I started off playing an assassin to level 50 and had a lot of fun playing through all the quests and planets. I also played a sniper to level 50 and a bounty hunter to 40. The class quests are pretty good for their storylines. The planet quests are alright the first time through but after that you space bar (skip) them as fast as possible. Leveling takes a long time and some classes have it a little harder than others, but the companions make you able to do most things.

Finding a group is surprisingly hard from the group areas to the flashpoints(dungeons). It just seemed no one was really interested. The first dungeon was fun and then some of the hard modes had some really cool fights but for the most part it just felt like too much trash for what it was. You have cc's that you never get to use or if you do people break it (I love ccing in dungeons). You can also do most of them with little to no gear and then there is no point to keep doing them. The operations(raids) weren't too difficult either, my group of friends downed both of them on hard mode relatively early and then it just seemed like I was doing the same thing over and over again but it wasn't fun like it had been to do in WoW so many times (maybe the thrill of MMORPGs are finally wearing off on me?). I found gear too easy to get and then the fights weren't thrilling / challenging enough to make you want to come back for more. There were tons of bugs that were annoying but most of them got worked out.

Some people hate it but I loved huttball. It was one of the best battlegrounds crafted in any mmo I have played. I find the other ones in star wars to be very boring and just waiting on a timer. World PvP is virtually non existent. They had a zone called Illum which was an planet for open world PvP, which I had some of the funnest PvP battles (massive 120v120 fights, where both sides would wipe come back and attack again) but Bioware decided that they didn't feel like it was going right and basically got rid of the reason to be out there so people quit going. The brackets are 1-49 and then 50 which makes for an interesting matchup as it normalizes everyone. This seemed to work out fine without too much problems. At 50 you get a stat called expertise(its like resilience in WoW). I've always hated "PvP" stats but it has it. At first you walk in and will get repeatedly destroyed until you get enough gear to have some attack / defense. There is a ton of cc's / slows which can get annoying but I found it to be okay. I think you can buy yourself a set now. Also I grinded with my friend to battlemaster (a PvP rank for exclusive gear) and then when we finally became badasses they switched it so everyone could get that gear relatively easy (ARGH!). Once you do get the gear and are on a level playing field I didn't feel like anything was ridiculously unbalanced and I could have fun as a stealth melee class and a ranged.

They way I look at is if you like Star Wars and/or KotoR then you might as well get this game. You pay $60 for the game which is standard for most games, many with just single player. If you do nothing but play the story lines for the classes I think you will be pretty satisfied, enough to get your moneys worth, you just have to do it in a months time. If you end up enjoying it you can always pay $15 and keep playing it, if not you still had some good gaming hours. I personally felt like the end game PvE and PvP was not enough to keep a player base but I see a lot of potential for the future, there was not stuff to continuously waste your time on like WoW. No game starts off great and when they get some sweet content / work out some of the things they are missing, the game might prosper.

SWToR has been offering quite a few free weekends also. This would be a great time to test it out to see if its worth the $60.

If you are looking for a really cool MMO that has some fun PvE and PvP you should try Tera. I've only gotten to level 30 but so far the world PvP is awesome and the dungeons are fun. It is a different experience than any MMO that I've played and takes some getting used to but I like it.
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