Question is the 3090 overkill for 4k max settings?

Sep 9, 2020
i9-9900x overclocked to 4500mhz (boost clock)
ASUS x299 TUF Mk2
32mb Viper Patriot 4000mhz (4x8)
SSD 6tb (NMV & SSD)
Valve Index VR

I have a monitor for photoshop and design work (no 3d or rendering like that) but i like to run games big on my 65" samsung 60hz TV and i always have to max out settings, I dont need a faster refresh rate for the tv as im not a competitive gamer (just play single player) but extra fps helps make the games feel better. Also I am a massive VR fan and always want the best experience on that and that can run at 144hz plus I like to supersample on that and my 2070 super isnt cutting it atm.

I am going to use the 2070 in another buiild for work so dont have to worry about the resale value of that either

I am lucky as I can get the 3090 through my company so while the cost side isnt as big a deal as most am i still dont want to spend double if im not going to see any benefit from it compared to a 3080, plus I want to keep it for a few years im not really interested in upgrading to the 40xx when it happens.

So what do you think?


Aug 20, 2015
Well, I wouldn't say overkill. More frames are always welcome. But compared to the RTX 3080 it looks like pretty bad value. It's only roughly 20% faster but costs more than double. The RTX 3080 will handle 4k very well (about 40% better than an 2080Ti) at a much better price. I wouldn't go for the 3090 unless you are a content creator who really can take advantage from those 24GB VRAM. If you only game, go with a 3080, if you also do 3d software with GPU accelerated rendering or game development calculating shadow maps with cuda cores go with the 3090. But then again, if I wouldn't have to pay for it.....3090. LOL

I am pretty sure we will see 20GB versions of the 3080 eventually, and even maybe a 3080Ti with more VRAM and maybe even more cuda cores. But who knows when this is going to happen....might be some time next year.
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Apr 4, 2019
well the 3090 is aimed at content creators / prosumers
you fit in this category.
plus the company is paying for it
why hesitating, the quadros and whatnot are as expensive anyways

this thing will stay in the top 3 world's GPUs for the next 3-4 years

now get a real worstation rig with a ryzen 3950 or a threadripper lol