Is the Asus P5K3 Deluxe Good?


Aug 10, 2007
Ok Im making a Comp and im wondering if Asus P5K3 Deluxe is any good for duel Vid cards, and if its good in general for gamming, If anyone knows a better mobo please tell me.


Mar 23, 2007
P5K3 will NOT do SLI so dont think about putting 2 Nvidia cards in the sucker.

It will work with Crossfire though.

I have a P5K-E that supports the DDR2 and love it, i dont use it for gaming though its for a storage and process machine.

With the DDR3 you get 1333 support for memory with latest P35 chip from intel i would think they rock. Fast FSB fast RAM means nice


Mar 23, 2007
Yes, if you get 2 Ati cards.

Why go with DDR3 though? It's expensive and utter crap atm. Do you want to pay 300% extra to get an 8-10% performance boost?

Wait a year or so before making the DDR3 jump.

Any P35 based mobo will do ya. I have a Gigabyte one and am smoking my friends DDR3 rig. He spent the extra cash on DDR3 ram, where I bought a better VC and more DDR2 ram. Our systems came up to just under 2 grand each. Mine SMOKES his in every test and gameplay. Sad really. Yes with DDR3 you "future proof" yourself but come on... Why pay extra now and get a sub par product when you will be able to get it cheaper later and have it be much better?

He is moaning and complaining that his system cost $75 more and just pales compared to mine, but then again he HAD to have DDR3, where I went with DDR2 (and mroe of it).

If price doesn't matter, go for DDR3 (and send me some money!)