Is there a way to non-destructively test a SSD that is part of a RAID?


Oct 5, 2002
My desktop has two SSDS in RAID0 that it runs off of.

Recently, it started BlueScreening randomly... but only on boot, if Windows manages to finish booting then it can run for as long as I want without bluescreening. Most of the time it fails to even write a kernel dump even though it claims it did so I can try to see what caused it. The errors tend to be random/different most of the time when it does happen too.

I had run Memtest86+ overnight to make sure it's not my RAM, and ran into no issues.

So, in order to prevent damage to my data from trying to reboot it constantly to try to figure out what's causing it, I imaged my RAID0 and wrote the image to a spare HDD I had, disconnecting the SSDs themselves and just booting off that SSD. But after I did this, it would not bluescreen anymore. Just to be safe, I also ran Prime95 and Furmark, and no issues, so it doesn't appear to be my CPU or GPUs either.

Which leads me to suspect that maybe it's my SSDs. Problem is as I mentioned before, they are part of a RAID0. And I am worried tests I run on them could damage the raid information on them. I can't test them while they are connected as a RAID as the system will think they are one drive, so the only way I would be able to perform tests on them is individually. While I did create a backup image, I am still weary about using it, I want that to be a last resort.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can individually test if these SSDs are going bad without corrupting the RAID information split across them?
You might try to run crystaldiskinfo.exe to read the smart data from the ssd.
I would also be looking for firmware updates to the bios, the raid controller and the ssd and install motherboard driver updates to the raid controller.

With most bugchecks you want to note the bug check code and parameter one which is often the error code.

Do not forget bios updates.
You might also disable the power management for the drives just to make sure you are not having a sleep related failure of your raid subsystem
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