Is there an All-in-One Power Bank?

May 18, 2016
You know... A single power bank which can charge Mobile Phones, Laptops and sometimes has to do act as an UPS too for Wi-Fi-routers (we still get 8 Hours Power shutdown once in a Month)

One generic Question:
Which is the latest technology in Battery?
Lithium ion or Lithium Polymer?

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LIPO is newer and better overall in regards to power banks etc.


You might want to look into batteries from Anker, specifically they Powerhouse models.
They would do exactly what you want, USB ports, 12V car port, 120v outlets, internal solar charge controller, etc.
The only thing they dont do is act as a UPS, you dont want to leave one of these plugged in at all times, it will kill the internal batteries. They do support pass through charging.

They have Li Ion and LiFePo4 models, the latter being newer tech with better specs.

I have the 533 model, which runs my modem and router for 26hrs on one charge. Battery charges in 6hrs, so generator takes care of keeping it topped off during outages.


I utilize two separate battery backups in the house. One is very large and runs the two computers in the office and one monitor on each. I have another much smaller one in which I keep the modem plugged into.

On a UPS, in particular, they are generally designed only to provide power to a PC long enough to save and then turn off. According to the power of your PC as well as the activity being performed would determine how large it would need to be for that purpose.
In your case I think a power bank might be of interest. There have been leaps and bounds made in that space in particular for the camping/van life space. These can be very simple systems using lead acid and up to sky is the limit mostly based on budget and availability.

You could always contact Elon.... ;)