Question Is there an alternative to Bitdefender's Safepay


Oct 13, 2016

I won't be renewing my subscription to Bitdefender. I'm just going with Windows Defender. One thing I liked about BD was Safepay, and I used it to pay my bills online. Does anyone know if there's a stand-alone program, either free or paid, similar to Safepay?


Windows Security should be quite adequate.

We (me and spouse) do not use any third party tools/apps to pay bills.

We simply use one of our two specific credit cards to make online payments as necessary for select vendors, etc..

Only requirement being that from time to time I need to move monies about a bit. Our income being deposited in specific accounts and bills subsequently being paid from those accounts . Once in awhile I need to re-balance a bit. Not at all complicated but set up to be easily controlled and tracked.

And because we earn points/rewards for doing so (credit card rewards) we then get gift cards via those reward points every few months. A couple hundred USD total depending on what we actually spent.

Otherwise we go old fashioned and write and/or mail a check.

Now writing checks less and less often..... Postage/stamps being high plus the need to go to the Post Office, plus very slow USPS which literally caused late payments for checks mailed days long before payment due. Too much hassle.

Could do without checks at all for the most part. Need a checking account mainly for ATM/get cash purposes.

We do not use debit cards for anything. Actually no debit cards at all.

Point being that you should take a look at your overall process for paying bills etc..

Key requirement being that you can document that you paid on time. That is the critical issue (Credit Score) that truly matters. Late payments are lethal.

Do not know (full disclosure) how much BitDefender and associated services cost but very sure that with a bit of thought and effort that you can eliminate those costs and come out ahead.

Just my thoughts on the matter.