Is there any point rendering more frames than my screen can display?

unplanned bacon

Jan 11, 2014
My screen supports 60 Hz and therefore, as I understand, only display a maximum of 60 fps. Are any frames my graphics card produces above 60 basically wasted resources?

Am I better of locking games to 60? Then again, I don't get any screen tear or adverse effects at 1080p or 4K. At 1440p (which is not a listed supported resolution) my TV only seems to do 30 Hz and anything above 30 fps can cause screen tear in games.

Will games be any smoother rendering more frames than the screen can display or is there no difference if I let games cap themselves to the screen's maximum (at 1440p they like to do this anyway, they don't seem to care at 1080p or 4K(
Some games have a cap of 60fps regardless.
When there is a mismatch between the frame generation rate of the pc and the display capability of the monitor there can be issues.
Input lag and screen tearing are two.

Depending on the graphics card and monitor there are various solutions.
If you are using a nvidia 1000 series card look into the vsync, adaptive vsync and fast sync options.
This article will explain.