Is this a good case?


Sep 18, 2011
Not sure how important cable management is to you, but from pictures it doesn't seem to have a lot of options/space for it.

The HDD cage appears to not be sideways which can restrict access to drives. The way it is setup may actually be better for airflow so that may actually be a positive thing for you.

You may want to research if a fan will actually fit between the HDD cage and the front panel. The picture makes that look a little sketchy, but it could just be a bad picture.

The 1/8" audio jacks on the front panel are seated a little odd.

The low profile on the bottom legs may hurt airflow if the case is sitting on carpet.

The USB 3.0 of course.

Just depends on your price-range/budget/needs. Doesn't look like an awful case, but depending on your needs there may be something better out there for you.


Jan 31, 2010

It will not be on the floor, I am just going to surf & game on it, just 1 HDD & 1 ODD. Oh & just 1 vid, card. Anywhere have a review?