Question is this Gpu,Driver, or maybe hardware problems?

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Jan 16, 2022
So i finally build my pc on 4 december 2021.
Here's the Specs :

Ryzen 5 5600g
Klevv Bolt XR (8x2,3600mhz) RAM
Corsair CV450
Teamgroup GX2 512GB Sata SSd

It run pretty well on week 1

But then, The "Thread Stuck In Driver" BSOD Appeared, it just appeared like 3-4 days, and then gone, and then appeared again.
But right now, everyday i got that bsod, and many driver error, like when i play valorant, the screen goes black, and then the pop up from Riot Game says "Driver error, try to restarting".
Sometimes the BSOD Came up when i just turning my pc and seeing my home screen, the screen freezing, and then BSOD with same code happened, almost everyday.

Ok, that's not everytime when i played game, but it made my day bad, cuz i think about that everyday (What could be wrong with my pc lol).
I tried many ways to fix this, like changing maximum processor state to 99%, updating windows, all driver, reinstalling driver with ddu, but nothing works.

And i was gonna reset my pc with "Keep My files" option, but it saying deleted all applications but not deleting personal data, i cant backup all my data, cause i dont have spare hdd.

-Q: after i reset my pc, can i install gta v on epic games again, but not downloading again all the data, u guys know 110GB Isn't a small size , and im not using wifi

Q: What Happened with my games?, I should redownload it? (Its cracked btw, from steamunlocked)

Or any ways again to fix this all?.
If this was from AMD GPU bug, i already bought Nvidia GTX 1050 ti, and just waiting it to arrived, but it still a long time 1-2week.
Does new vga fixing all this issue?
While i waiting the VGA arrived, what can i do to fix this?
and , if u guys using amd apu, did u guys have the same issues as me?
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