Question Is this PSU enough for my system?

Jul 6, 2020
I bought a pre built PC, Aspire-TC886 and switched out the GPU to a gtx 980 strix, overclocked to 200core clock and 300 memory clock. obviously I had to switch out the PSU aswell since the one inside was 300w.
So I first I used an old one I got from a friend (AXP-630P12P) which has 38amp 12 rail(456w) Now when i started playing games that are demanding, especially apex legends(for some reason?) after a while my pc just instantly shuts off, then boots back up again, I assumed the PSU was faulty since it was old, I bought a new one (Kolink Core 600w 80+ white) which has 40amp 12rail(480w). So far the pc has only crashed 1 time playing guildwars2, but still crashed pretty fast on apex legends, cyberpunk for example has not crashed so far.
So my question is, are these crashes most likely from lack of wattage?
Because from my calculations this system should not exceed the power consumtion of the Kolink?
Temperature is not an issue.
RAM sticks are not faulty.

LINKS to parts
Prebuilt PC:
New PSU:
Old PSU: Cant find any link, but if you wish to search for it, this is the name of it, (AXP-630P12P


Why are you buying garbage PSUs? "600W" white? 40A *12V = 480W. That's no where near 600W. That's a 500W PSU at best. And because it's a "kolink" who knows if it can really output that 480W. If you are using adapters to get the power to the card that's a dead giveaway that you need a new PSU.

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That's a system draw at the wall of ~300W. So if that PSU can do 480W you should have enough. The question is can that PSU really output 480W? Have you looked into thermal issues?