Question is this water cooler any good


Dec 3, 2019
im just looking for something that looks nice and that will do the job so i saw this for 60 euros and i think it is a little cheap for 240 mm radiator. I will not be doing any overclocking i just want to switch the intel stock cooler that is loud.
If your only complaint with the intel stock cooler is noise, then you do not need a 240 aio cooler.
What is your cpu and what is the make/model of your case?
Likely, a simple tower air cooler with a 120mm fan will do the cooling job well.
In the process, it will be quieter, cheaper, more reliable, and... will never leak.


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You are also asking very generic questions, assuming someone will spoon feed you the data you want.

" Any" What do you define as good? What are your requirements? Compared to 'what'?

I've never heard of this cooler but like nearly every other AIO on the planet, it is pretty much the same as others of similar size.

For future threads, be more specific about data and feedback you are seeking.

Did you Google search for reviews? I did, there are some out there.

Were you not able to draw conclusions you were seeking?

Not every AIO is available in every market or easily obtained, so this should be considered when asking questions based on international availability or region.