Is XP 64-bit worth it?

I'm considering buying Windows XP Pro 64-bit Edition. I currently run the 32 bit system. is the 64 bit system worth it for an avid gamer? How is system stability, gaming, etc?

Only 64-bit XP reviews I can find online are from 2004 and 2005 and review the beta RC1 and RC2 versions, not the final release.

Any advice is appreciated. I downloaded the 64-bit Vista RC1 ISO from Microsoft's website, burned it to a DVD, and found that it wouldn't install due to a file missing on the dvd itself? DOH... Anyhow...

WinXP Pro 32bit
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
GeForce 6800 256MB PCI-E
Asus A8N-SLI
Corsair XMS-3200PRO 2GB
Audigy 2 Soundcard


Oct 16, 2006
eh...not so much for gaming you won't notice a difference as all games are still coded in 32bit platform...some game servers tho are x64
but gaming hasn't quite taken advantage of all the new stuff like 64bit and dual core / quad core cpus

but i mean if you have 2000 or something and you wonna buy a new version of windows, and you've checked to make sure your hardware has compatable drivers available for x64, go for it, it's a good investment as 32bit will be phased out eventually

64bit can do everything 32bit can anyway...but i mean if u've already paid for xp 32bit...depends if u have the money to spare...i wouldn't tho, might as well wait it out for vista

but also remember, it depends on ur purpose, 64bit has great memory management and multitasking if u edit audio/video or run a bunch of stuff together at the same...


Jun 11, 2005
I have XP64 and red hat installed on my system. I find 64 better than what XP pro was...You'll notice that bootup is consideribly quicker and that as the previous thread suggests that 64 is good for multi tasking and has better memory management. If you can (if you're any good at installing it and managing it) get a linux OS, they're getting better at compatibly and support and more software is supporting linux all the time...But iffy to install.