Isp question what do you have to do to install internet

Nov 6, 2018
What does isp have to do if I'm getting new service? What do they do to get new line hooked up to house all the old lines are bad
It depends of the type of service.
Cable providers will bring a coax cable line to your residence and split it to connect a modem/ wireless router for the internet and a cable box for each TV.
Some new cables systems like Altice will bring one cable to the main all-in-one hub, which provides wireless internet, TV and phone services.

Verizon FiOS will bring an optical line to your residence and install an ONT (Optical network terminal) inside or outside. If the unit is placed outside a battery backup will be placed inside. Don't allow them to install it in a bedroom. When the battery needs to be change it will start beeping until reset or the battery is changed.
The will have a wireless router connected to the ONT and like the cable companies, they will use coax to bring service to each cable box connected to a TV.

Whoever you choose make sure to let the tech know where you want holes to be made, placement of the ONT and modem/router.
If you don't tell them, they will run cables and place equipment wherever is easier for them.

ISP is not responsible for wirings INSIDE your house. They will bring the signal to a spot OUTSIDE your house, oftenly called the NID, and they will run a new cable from the "pole" as needed, and that's all they will do.

That is not completely accurate.
I have dealt with several providers (FiOS, Optimum (Altice), DIRECTV, Time Warner (Spectrum), XFinity ) and they will bring wires and re-wire anywhere on your residence if you are willing to pay.
They could even connect your wired alarm system to their service.


U said the magic word.

And hopefully they do. Sometimes they just don't want the business, knowing as soon as the tech walks out, the home owner always manages to fiddle with things then find out he messed up and who's gonna get the call.

When the ISP tech arrives, I always indicate where I want the modem/router to be located and where they should run the wires for the TVs.
If the tech does not agree I will show him/her the door.

When I switched from Optimum to Verizon I had the tech install the NID inside, in the basement. I was using my own router and I wanted to connect it straight to the NID via Ethernet, she did not have any issues.
I also ask her to bring the optical line thru the ceiling and she did so without any extra fees.
The house had been previously wired by Cablevision. At that time Cablevision only charged a fee to run telephone wires to connect to the alarm system.