Issue with Belkin N750 router


Dec 8, 2011
Hello! so my family and i have been running off a pretty crappy router for awhile. the router was called the Belkin N150. This router would have so many issues while we streamed online movies (netflix, hulu, and just youtube). it would pause the movie and would wait 5 seconds, replay it for 10 more seconds, then pause again for 5 more seconds. Me, an online gamer... was sitting at an unusually high ping while i played my online pc games (would hit 140-150 ping in the online games i play)... but for the most part i had no lag spikes and it ran smooth, just with a little delay.

My family decided it was time to upgrade the router and see if this would help with the streaming issues they have been having. we selected the Belkin n750, seeing as it was one of the best belkin had to offer... and we knew it was a straight upgrade because both the routers are from the same maker, the n750 was just higher quality and offered alot more. on the back it offered much more crazy exciting features that really made us look forward to the upgrade. some of the features include....
-farther range on the wireless
-the speed! (up to 300mbps(2.4ghz)+450mbps(5.0ghz)...... which our last had up to 150mbps
-Dual band, which im not sure to be an upgrade... but i looked at it as a processor (4cores for more multitasking, better than 2 cores)

So... all in all a better and all around upgrade right?! well, sorta. after we get it we plugged it up and expected to be amazed! the laggy movies and the stops went away slightly... instead of it happening constantly it happens about every 30 minutes. the games are the issue though. its constantly spiking out, lagging and my ping went UP about 30-50 at all times.... from what seemed to be a HUGE upgrade, it sure as hell went the wrong way. i dont expect it to be a better ping, but atleast the same and with out the lag. we did use the router cable to connect the n150 to the modem again for the n750 and the modem. i am unsure if that could be of any issue.

lastly our provider is 4G internet from Clear... but my it cant be a provider issue if my ping is going up when all we did was UPGRADE the router. please help figure this issue out for me :) much appreciated.... i can provide any information you ask for or need. i also am not an internet GURU (obviously). Thank you!

EDIT: i am hooked up to the router wired.


Jan 25, 2012
The router isn't the only device dictating the speed you get on your network.
What kind of internet speed do you get at home?
How are all your devices connected to the router (wired / wireless)?
What kind of ethernet adapters do these devices have on them?
What kind of traffic do you have on the network?


Dec 8, 2011
yes i know the router isnt the only thing. but what im trying to figure out is why when upgrading the router i see negative results. i dont expect better but atleast the same...

-we have 2 devices connected by wired (pcs), and 2 connected by wireless. all showing the same results. (movies are fine, but mine is negative results)

-one of them is a wii and the other a bluray player, so i dont know what adapters you would have on them. mine pc has a 10/100/1000 nvidia ethernet adapter on the mobo.

-traffic i have no idea how to check... if you want the number of packets transfered or what but just tell me what to check for and ill let you know.

our devices are always on. 2 wireless, 2 wired, always on and in use
thanks for the reply :)


Apr 26, 2012
Netflix consumes a large portion of that from streaming, if netflix is on, you have about 25% left between the rest of the devices, so from your results if the other 3 devices are torrenting, streaming gaming etc.. all at the same time, that would explain your slow Speeds online, now upgrading the router should show you more improvement for internal bandwidth, such as sending files back and forth or gaming on the LAN between pc's not multiplayer online....

I would do this...

1. Run some checks on your systems with
2. Are you streaming or torrenting on any of the other devices
3. Can you verify with your ISP that you're supposed to be getting 5 Down and .90 up?


Y= upgrade your package

N= schedule service

Lag in your games is a totally different issue , and you may need to google some latency tweaks , but it really sounds to me like the current ammount of bandwidth you have is not eough to support netflix, hulu, youtube and games all at the same time.

you need at least a 20MBPS or 20 down 1 or 2 up line to faciliate that, no router in the world is going to make it go faster if you don't have the horsepower under the hood.