Question Issue with games crashing to desktop

Feb 17, 2019
I have an issue with any game I play crashing randomly, this is not linked to any particular game and will happen without warning/without error messages. I've tried to reinstall windows, i've had task manager open when it crashed and the only dramatic change that occurred was that my hard drive would jump up to 100% then down. I've replaced my graphics card from a 660ti and no change. I don't have issues with the computer crashing just games, and when the crash happens the game just stops and closes everything else is still working like normal. Could this be an issue with directX? I don't know if it happens on non 3d games as that's all i play. My Gpu and processor temps are not high when it happens either. I am running:
intel i5 8600k
Z370 pc pro motherboard
corsair vengence ddr4 3200MHz c16
evga 750 GQ power supply
Rog-strix-RX580-T8G-gaming graphics card
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Feb 19, 2019
I've had that issue with my RX 580s whenever I try to run DX12.

For example, in 3D Mark, I can run all of the Benchmarks with DX11 without an issue. But if I try to run it with DX12, it crashes without any warning about 15 seconds in.

This is coming from a fresh install of Windows 10 on a new MOBO (bios updated) with two RX 580 GTS Black Edition 8GB with the correct/current BIOS/drivers installed.

Also, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 run HORRIBLE when DX12 is on. And at one point, BF 1 would not go past the Main Menu screen before it crashed after I had enabled DX12. I had to delete my local settings profile so that it would open without DX12 enabled by default.

If it turns out to be an issue with DX12 for you as well, I would love to hear if you find a solution.

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