Question Issue with sleep


Oct 22, 2012
I have been getting this issue most of the time when putting my pc to sleep the screen goes black and my pc is unresponsive and i am unable to wake it up but the lights in my pc all stay as do the fans, it gets stuck like that for about 5-10 mins until eventually it shuts down, when i turn my pc back after this its as if i had asked it to shut down not sleep and i just get a normal boot. I can hold the power button down during the time its frozen and power it off and just power it on again normally. I have made sure none of my peripherals are stopping the pc from going into a normal sleep schedule and I believe its some software or a windows issue, any help would be appreciated.
Jul 14, 2021
That had happened to me before I upgraded to Win 10. I was able to determine that even though the display was blank, the computer didn't really freeze (wasn't asleep). That's because the keyboard was still active. For example, the LED on the Caps lock lit when pressed. We determined that for whatever reason, the video card didn't wake up from sleep. Despite using various restore points and driver updates, the issue didn't get fixed until I upgraded to Win 11. It still happens, but very rarely.