[SOLVED] Issues wins 7 boot

Sep 22, 2019
The 1st incident happen around 3 months back Grey Bar
Grey Bar

The 2nd version happen 1 month back Vertical Bar
Red Bar

This happened around 1 week back green and black Bars
Horizontal Bar

The attachment shows the chronology of my pc when i use youtube, playing games and run chrome or netflix this appears are random timing and the temperature core of hardware are around 25-40 degree celsius. So I have clean up my gpu and the case in general with a aerosol can for electronics. After the cleaning I happen to face issues where the monitor goes crazy with different colours or rainbow bars and switches to blank screen and when i restart the whole system doesn't boot up after the first beep.

So far i have re-slot the gpu, ram and test with other ram slot and try with single ram doesn't work. I have try using both gpu connector for the monitor. All i see is gpu 2 led light are switch on and red light near my gpu location.

core i 5 4570
r9 280x
g skill rip ram 2 X 4gb
corsair 650 watt

ps. will update the rest when i get back from work.