Question Issues with Asrock Phantom Gaming D3 5600 XT ?


Feb 12, 2021
So I bought a brand new Asrock Phantom Gaming D3 5600xt from Newegg in early 2021 and I am having some ongoing random issues with it. The two main issues are as follows:

1. I have to keep HWmonitor open full time because the fan speed will randomly show an error value of 65355 which essentially prevents fans from spinning and causes temps to potentially spike. This happens maybe once a day, sometimes after the monitors wake from sleep, but can happen randomly as well. Only a hard restart will fix this one.

2. I usually run 2 monitors (Dell S3422dwg 34" 1440p and a Dell SE 2723DS 27" 1440p) and don't see this problem when both are in use, but if I ever run just one monitor (regardless if the 2nd monitor is even attached to GPU) sometimes (once or twice a day) when I click on a Chrome link or a picture on a website (it is random) the screen will go black and I need to power the monitor off and then on again to get video back. It doesn't always work so I then need to restart my computer. This never happens while using both monitors.

I have tried doing complete uninstalls/cleaning of drivers and installing different versions of the Radeon drivers and even Windows 10 but nothing seems to help. I do not have afterburner or any other third party apps installed that would be similar. My PSU is about a year old Corsair RM850x. Doing some searches has shown me that others with the 5600xt of 5700xt have had similar fan reporting 65355 issues but I have not found anyone post about a possible solution.

My current system specs:

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra
Asrock Phantom Gaming D3 5600 XT
Ryzen 5900X (stock)
Noctua NH-U14S
32GB G.skill cas 16 PC-3600 Running XMP profile
Sk Hynix P41 Platinum 1TB OS drive m.2
WD SN850 M.2 1TB storage drive
Samsung 960 Pro M.2 1TB storage drive
Corsair RM850x
and running sound out via usb through an external DAC



1) Are you sure this isn't just zero-rpm mode working as intended? If left unsupervised, what does the temp go up to?

2) Is it always the same monitor that does this? Check your windows monitor settings with 1 vs 2 monitors connected. Windows will save "profiles" for various monitors connected combinations. Perhaps the single profile has some setting that's slightly different.