Question Ive been dealing with blue screens, chrome crashing, games crashing every hour on my $2500 build since I built it 3 weeks ago still no solution

Mar 6, 2019
My build

Gpu: 2080ti

CPU: 2700x

Mobo: Asus x470 f gaming

Ram: G.skill tridentZ rgb 16gb 3600mhz (at 2933 mhz, timings are 19-20-20-40

PSU: EVGA supernove g3 850W

Im seriously tired of this I am actually going to lose my mind, I have numerous bluescreens, I crash every hour in every game, the game will just freeze if my computer doesnt blue screen. I recently got one that said system_service_exception, Chrome every hour will just freeze and then crash, sometimes youtube videos wont play or they will just load for a long time even though I have 120 download and 12 up.

I cant get my ram past 2933mhz, i think thats due to my ram not being in recommended slots, only problem is one of those slots are broken, i have my ram in a1 and b1. recommended is a2 and b2. a2 is broken. Im going to see if i can get a replacement.

I have a dual monitor setup and when my pc blue screens the 2nd monitor looks like every meme from r/DeepFriedMemes.

I just used DDU to reinstall drivers a couple days ago, I already ran memtest for 4 hours and it detected 0 errors with my ram. I dont know what to do next.

This specific issue has been happening ever since I moved my ram sticks to different slots then moved it back for the original ones, for example I moved ram from a1 and b1 to a2 and b2 to see which slot wasn’t working, found out it was a2 then moved it back to a1 and b1 and then this problem occurred.