I've got an i5 4460 and a MSi z97 gaming 3 but im looking to upgrade to an i7 4790k but ive got aquestion about it


Dec 12, 2014
Im upgrading from a i5 4460 to a i7 4790k on a MSi z97 Gaming 3 but do i need to uninstall anything or install anything? Or do I just unclip the cpu and the heat sink and install the new cpu and heatsink and do no updates and conitinue with my life or?


Feb 17, 2015
You should disconnect the PSU and make sure you understand the process of installing a new CPU onto the motherboard (Thermal paste etc)

Furthermore, you MAY have to reinstall your operating system, I'm unsure. Normally this is only required or a mobo replacement. It's likely that it would be the best thing to do it anyway to make sure everything is setup correctly for the new, more powerful CPU.


Dec 27, 2013
I would say to be safe make a backup of your HDD or just the data you want to keep just in case the OS has a panic attack.
I was thinking of upgrading my i5 4460 to a i7 4790 but I didn't think it was worth £240+ just so I could have a higher clock and 8 threads as the i5 4460 is the most commonly used i5 out there and is very strong in its own right, so I replaced my PSU and ordered an SSD and an OS to put on the SSD.

There shouldn't be any problems as I do believe the i5 4460 and i7 use the same HD graphics version, that's the only thing that would be a problem if they weren't the same.

Also as long as you have a decent room temperature or CPU cooler you should be fine temp wise as the i7 can run rather hot due to how hard it can work if you somehow manage to get it to near full usage, I would say a safe temp at load for Intel CPU's is 60 celsuis, 70 and the CPU will probably clock down so not to overheat as that what my i5 did when we had a random huge heat wave last year for a few days and i'm in Britain but usually its 30-60 with an hardly audible noise.

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