Question Joystick Adapter Configuration - Help Needed

Feb 14, 2022
Hope you can help - I am guessing that answer is that my joystick is bust, but you never know!

I have an old CMS Super 8 PC joystick with a 15 pin adapter. Obviously new PC's do not have this connector so I purchased a Mayflash 15 adapter (has P W S settings for joypad, wheel and joystick)

PC recognised the adapter and I plugged my CMS into it again recognised this the USB Gamepad Controllers (showed as Gameport to USB Controller)

However when it came to calibration there was a problem:

I selected settings / calibrate and let the calibration wizard run through.

Firstly states leave the handle centred - I do - but when I press next it is already pointing up / left.

I push left axis is bottom left. I push up, axis is top right. I push right, axis is just left from centre bottom and down it is pointing at 2pm.

I have tried calibration on all P, W and S settings to no avail.

So all messed up. So not sure if it is the joystick that is the problem or just need some help with the configuration.

I tried mapping to keyboard using AntiMicro but only up and left appear to work. With a bit of investigation using DIView there is a problem with the Y and X axis. A working joystick for instance shows Y axis. 50% in the centre (32767) and 0 on the left and 65535 on the right. Moving my working joystick up, the % goes to 0 and 32767 goes to 0 also. Moving it down, % goes to 100% and 65535

However on my CMS middle shows 63% - moving it down goes to 22% and 14592, moving it up it goes to 2.34% and 1536.

So it appears axis is messed up. I looked at some of the figures to be amended and set deadzone to 35 for this Y axis and it shows 50% now in the centre. tried amending the calibration figures of min, centre and max - however whatver number I press - then I pull the joystick down it NEVER goes over 50% - so I dont get the pull down from 0% to 100% like I do with my other joystick.

Sorry if a bit too long but wanted to give as much info as possible (using a Win 10 machine btw)

Many thanks
i still see those for sale every once in a while, usually $15-25.
maybe you can try getting a replacement to use.

if the new one shows the same issues then i would guess it's just not fully compatible with this adapter.
then you should be able to just return the new one.

also maybe look for another 3rd party software that can be used for calibration.
it's always possible that what you're using just can't read this joystick correctly.
Feb 14, 2022
They don't come up for sale a lot in the UK - if buy from the US, postage and taxes on top, can double or even triple the price.

So was really looking for a fix