Question JPF1 and F Pannel

Mar 12, 2021
Hello, On my motherboard there is a “JPF1” Where I can connect a cable to, I connected the cable that is labeled F Pannel, But I now see that some people have some sort of adapter that goes from the F pannel cable, and the other end is clips labeled “HD LED” “POWER SYSTEM” “RESET” and more. My motherboard did not come with the adapter or I lost it. Do I need it, because my F pannel cable connects into the JPF1 Just fine, But the Pc will not connect to my monitor at all. It will turn on and all fans will spin and the GPU and CPU light up and work. Please help, if any questions I can explain more
there is an image with a detailed description of the front panel header for motherboards included in their user manual.
you would need to match up each pin or set of pins to it's corresponding case front panel cable.

certain motherboards come with an extension "adapter" that just makes lining the cables & pins up easier, but not a necessity.
if yours came with one, it would've been in the accessories bag\box that came with the motherboard.

if your display is not functioning, that is probably a totally different issue.
you would need to provide your total system specs to further diagnose any major problems.