Question Just a general question about next gen SSDs


Jul 27, 2016
Well considering Gen 5 motherboards been out for months, and we still can't easily find drives in America, we are little ways out from Gen 6 drives shipping.

Really wonder if Gen 6 drives will require active cooling?

things usually go to the sever hardware (need for speed), then it will trickle down to us.

I'm going to guess in 2025+

Looks like Gen 6 basically doubles any config compared to Gen 5.


"Important to note is that we are still waiting for PCIe 5.0 SSDs to grace the markets later this year. Samsung did announce an enterprise model of a PCIe 5.0 SSD with read speeds of around 13GB/s. We expect PCIe 6.0 SSDs to have 11GB/s peak write speeds and peak read speeds of 12GB/s."


PCIE 6.0 Ho hum.
Technically great, and in time, may have relevance. More so in graphics than ssd's.

Do not be much swayed by vendor synthetic sequential SSD benchmarks.
They are done with apps that push the SSD to it's maximum using queue lengths of 30 or so.
Most desktop users will do one or two things at a time, so they will see queue lengths of one or two.
What really counts is the response times, particularly for small random I/O. That is what the os does mostly.
For that, the response times of current SSD's are remarkably similar. And quick. They will be 50X faster than a hard drive.
In sequential operations, they will be 2x faster than a hard drive, perhaps 3x if you have a sata3 interface.
6X with a pcie interface.

Today, one can hardly tell the difference.
These experts could not: