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Question Just build first PC - Getting no display and no power to front panel or MOBO USB's

Apr 7, 2020
Just built my first pc and cant seem to get it going

3800x (stock cooler)
Viii Hero
Trident z neo 32gb 16cl
1050ti (this is soon to be upgraded)
Nzxt h710i.
Got all fans and rgb going (ll120 corsair fans) except the ram which i anticipated would need configuring.
Cant get display or power to keyboard and mouse.
Ive completely unplugged all cables and re connected.
Dont want to try again without a knowing issue as once turned on i cant turn it off. Pressing the power button turns it on as expectrd but no matter how long i hold the button to turn off, it wont.

Please help, im working from home tomorrow and my old pc is shot.

What should i try? Let me know if you need more details.

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Apr 7, 2020
Additional information worth noting.
I have only put one 8 pin in the motherboard. Did not have a 4pin cable to add.
When mounting the motherboard in the case the middle bottom screw would not line up, so i left it out. With some brief research online it seemed to not be an issue.
Ive tried the two sticks in the 1st and 4th slotand then tried just 1 in the 4th slot as the manual specifies.