Question Just checking if there is anything wrong with the new rig I am about to get


Jan 29, 2018
It is not the first PC I build, I am not a complete idiot. I have a 10 year-old mobo that I have been planning to replace for two year now, but the recent spike in prices made postpone the upgrade as far as could. Due to a series of recent events, I decided now is the time. I just want to make sure I am not going to run into any crazy sort of incompatibilities or anything that I would not be aware of. Here is the rig:

mobo: Asus PRIME B660M-A D4, LGA 1700 B660, mATX, DDR4

4 RAM slots and LGA 1700 socket for possible future upgrade

cpu: Intel Core i5-12400F, Cache 18MB, 2.5GHz (4.4GHz Max Turbo)

No iGPU. Restrictions due to budget and thinking about possible upgrade.

psu: XPG Core Reactor, 750W, 80 Plus Gold Modular

PSU listed as tier A on all the lists I checked. I already have a GTX 1660 ti and the power is enough for it. I am getting 750w because of possible upgrade. Perhaps 850w would be better? Btw, this one does not have PFC. Is that a problem?

ssd: Samsung 860 EVO 250GB M.2

I already have two HDDs and on SSD that are connected though a SATA cable. This new SSD is M.2. I am guessing there will not be any compatibility issues and I will be able to connect all of those in the new mobo, right?

I am also getting 32GB (2x 16GB) RAM.


My personal opinion with the GPU price hikes have been that NOT buying an iGPU (CPU) is a chance that I would not be willing to take. If your GPU craps out, or if you have a hard to resolve issue with the build there is no option to default back to integrated graphics. For the very small price difference I just don't feel like it's something worth omitting.