Question Just moved, Internet not working as expected


Apr 12, 2012
Hello. I just moved from a medium sized city to a rural town about 30 minutes outside. The city's best internet was Cable internet, and I paid for the 1gig service with 60 upload. I moved to the rural area where Fiber is available, and just had it hooked up today. The fiber uses no modem and the cable just plugs directly into my computer until I set up my router. I did a speed test and reached 9-12ms depending on the time of day, seems very stable. I pay for 200mbps and reach about 185mbps both upload and download. I am testing my connection through video games and trying with league of legends I noticed I was getting 42-43 MS stable in game. This is less than I was getting with the cable and inferior internet speed in the city. I messed around and occasionally I will join the game with a stable 25-26ms connection speed. I have tried a couple different things that I thought might help such as resetting my network settings and also doing the net reset stuff in cmd prompt as shown in this video
.. I'm sorry if this has been addressed, I did some searching on this forum as well as others and haven't found a fix. I am very exhausted from moving and getting everything going so I would very much appreciate it if anyone could take the time to help me solve this issue. Thank you!

Computer specs in description. All drivers seem to be updated. I'm just trying to get it to be a stable 25-26 everytime i join a game.
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