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Just want someone to look over my build please :)

Sep 5, 2017
I was hoping that I could just get someone to look over my build and tell me if the components are well suited for each other and possible give me some advice.
I mainly want to make sure that there are no major bottlenecks in it, but I would appreciate if any recommendations for changed to the build did not stray far from the current price range.

I intend to stick to AMD for the processor, so please don't leave any messages like "Well if you just spent $130 more on this INTEL cpu, you could get improved performance" because.. just nah



Dec 15, 2017
Well, it is a pretty solid build. Your CPU can handle more graphics card, but generally if you are on a budget you should want more free CPU resources than graphics potential which would be effectively lost.

The only thing I'd really change is your SSD. Silicon Power is ok-ish, but not a brand that usually comes to mind when I think about SSDs. I found one review that rated it well, but I only really found one review. When I'm looking for budget SSDs I usually go with Crucial drives. Yeah, you spend a bit more but performance is more consistent and I've never had a problem with them... heck I bought a SanDisk SSD over one of these, just because I'd never heard of Silicon Power at the time.

I'd check out some reviews on your power supply as well. Just make sure that it isn't crap. Silverstone makes some good cases and accessories, but I've never really seen anything on their power supplies. You don't have to get something 600W either. Your system will be more than fine, even for upgrades later, with a 500W or 550W power supply if there is a more well known brand near the same price.

Everything else is reputable brands with good specs. As it is, it is a good PC, I'd just make sure you know what you are paying for on those two items.

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