Keep losing the Internet


May 7, 2006
Hi there
I hope you can help.

Yesterday I started to get a problem on my W7 – 64 system where I would lose internet connectivity after a few minutes of starting a download. There then seemed to be nothing I could do to get it back short of a reload. All my wireless devices still had internet connectivity (the desktop is hardwired).
On one occasion, the network adapter stopped working and had to be reinstalled (using device manager).

In total I downloaded several Gb of data, but it was a painful struggle – at least 10 reboots.
This morning things seem much worse. I booted into Windows and started an on-line game, but within seconds I got a blue screen of death. My second attempt also had the same result, but the third seemed ok. I could start the on-line game and access the remote server, but within seconds access would be lost and the system tray icon would show No Internet Connection. I tried this at least 10 times with similar results and one more screen of death.

On this boot I have simply loaded the browser and so far there has not been a problem – I still have connectivity after 15 minutes or so.

I had a new graphics card installed a few days ago, but everything seemed fine afterwards.
When I came here I looked at a couple of posts and ran SFC.EXE. It said there were corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. I don’t know if that is relevant.

Although at one time I was very proficient in computer matters I have had severe health problems that mean I have difficulty in following things that once seemed simple, so if you have a suggestion I would be grateful if you could spell it out in detail.